Lost BMP image Recovery!

Do you wish to recover the bmp images that are not possible to be recovered from the memory card? Bitmap images are comprised of fixed header structure along with the variable sizes too. The images in bitmap format comprises header file that hordes parameters such as color settings, bitmap pixels, bitmap identifier, width, etc. One can lose these photos in following situations:-

  • Memory card has been re-formatted:- User do such mistakes while they reformat the memory card. As one can retrieve photo from memory card that is formatted once, as images still are located in storage allocation. But reformat of the memory card removes all the chances of recovering back the memory card photos.
  • Damage or crashed media card :- In case if the storage media is fallen down or kept in packets that turned it damaged, then also it turns to be unreadable.
  • Deleting images accidentally:- Accidental deletion of photos from memory card too leads to turn the entire images from the memory card inaccessible.
  • Incomplete input or write process;- If camera is processing any input operation or write process is taking place and suddenly user ejects the memory card from camera then also card turns locked and no images seems to appear on the card.
  • Boot sector corruption of media card is also one of the most vital reason behind photos inaccessibility.

In such cases user has to take use of backup file so as to restore the lost bitmap images on the memory card. If there is any problem with the backup file or the backup file doesn't have lost images then the only way to retrieve lost bitmap images is bmp recovery.

BMP image recovery is possible by means using photo recovery software, letting the entire lost bmp images retrieved from the memory card. Photo recovery software is featured with the algorithm that tracks each corner of the memory card, looks for the inaccessible or formatted photos and then recover it back to get easily restored. Photo recovery software being a professional application provides instant and secure BMP image recovery along with photos of other format also such as gif, jpeg, tif, png, etc.

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