Fix Canon PowerShot Memory Card Locked

Canon PowerShot A520- a new extension to the digital camera featuring lots of attributes that although makes it similar to Canon A510 digital camera however it comprises lots more as the added features in it. Being the latest release Canon has powered this camera with 4X zoom feature together with priority aperture and many different options provided in it that providing excellent picture quality as well as video recording as well.

Manual focus mode with division of the camera exposure mode as creative zone, image zone and auto mode as well. The memory card that is supported by this digital camera is SD/MMC memory card provided with 16 MB of the initial storage capability and is also able to be expanded as well.

Thus user get to have an excellent camera with super photographic processing featured in it. However as problem does occur many a times and so in case if the digital camera memory card gets corrupted or damaged, the entire images of the memory card becomes inaccessible and therefore user suffers from data loss. Hence when user tries to access or open the images from the memory card it shows the error message as “Memory card is locked”

The causes those are responsible for these error appearances are as below:-

  • Improper handling of the memory card.
  • Corruption of the memory card.
  • Unexpected power turned off while accessing the photos from the memory card.

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The moment such error takes place one needs to fix the problem immediately otherwise one will have to lose the photos from the memory card. There are few tips that can help to get the lost photos from and fix Canon powershot a520 memory card locked issue.

  • Eject the memory card from the camera and switch it off and then restarting the camera insert the memory card and try to view the images whether error is still triggering or not.
  • Scan the memory card to finds out the virus files if present in the memory card to remove it and fix the issue.
  • Format the memory card and use the backup files to restore the images that were earlier stored.

Although the formatting of the memory card and restoring the backup file will replace the entire files without any sort of corruption problem but if the backup file is not present on the drive then the situation may get critical for you since formatting the memory card means deletion of the entire photos. The only method that can get the formatted photos recovered is the recovery software.

Hence to retrieve the photos from the formatted memory card there is a third party software known as photo recovery for Mac OS X that facilitates intense recovery algorithm retrieving the entire lost photos from the memory card along with few easy steps and fix Canon powershot a520 memory card locked error thereby. The application photo recovery for Mac OS X is designed with user friendly interface module providing easy and fast Canon photo recovery.

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