Fix “No Picture” error in Olympus SP-800UZ error!

Olympus SP-800UZ digital camera introduces new edge to the digital camera photography with more impressive technology, imaging, video recording as well as easy manageable options provided there I the camera. Featuring 14 megapixel picture resolution with LCD display of 3 inch, dual picture stabilization and many more, makes it the most equipped digital camera device.

As far as the photo restoration is concerned, the memory card supported by this digital camera is SDHC or SD card. User is always recommended to use the memory card as well as the camera tools properly otherwise it will turn into entire photos loss. Any mistake or error while accessing or viewing images, can turn the memory card corrupt.

Improper handling the digital camera memory card or malware infection in the digital camera memory card or damaged memory card can turn to strike the error message as “No Picture” and that will turn no process to be executed on the camera. Imagine the situation while accessing images from the digital camera suddenly the error message stroked up on the screen as:-

“No picture”

The entire effort made to capture and store your favorite collection of images gets wasted as no one of them are accessible anymore hence it needed to fix Olympus SP-800UZ error as soon as possible. The possible causes behind it are as below:-

  • The memory card in the digital camera is not inserted in proper manner.
  • Corruption in the CF card.
  • Insertion of blank memory card.
  • The memory card inserted has already formatted in other camera.

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How to fix Olympus SP-800UZ error :-
  • To get rid of this issue user is required to follow the steps mentioned below:-
  • Try accessing the photos after reinserting the memory card.
  • In case if blank memory card is placed then replace it with the new one and try to access the images again.
  • The corrupted memory card will need to be formatted in order to fix the corruption from the memory card.

Whenever the formatting is done the entire files stored in the memory card will get erased and therefore user is required to use the recovery software so as to restore the lost files back. Hence this solution is provided by an excellent recovery program known as photo recovery for Mac OS X that is equipped with high defined configuration as well as user friendly interfaces and also manages lost photos recovery more quickly and easily.

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