Fix No image Found Error on Memory Card

Photos, videos as the collection album are kept by people in the form of beautiful memory such that we can go through them in order to live those memories once again. Digital camera lets one capture such magnificent memories as videos and photos with the facility to add additional effect and within the memory card the entire images are able to be stored in it. There are multiple of memory card that are supported by these digital cameras including XD card, SD card, SDHC card, flash drive and many more.

These memory card being concise in size are portable and can have the storage capacity increased further too. However there are chances of corruption or damage too with the memory card like in case if the memory card fells down, or user doesn't properly handle the digital camera then the possibility of getting damaged these memory card enhances. Moreover memory card corruption problems too increases the chances of data loss from memory card. The reason is while one transfers the images from memory card to computer having file over the computer already infected with fatal malware.

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Such corrupt memory card while accessed within the digital camera will trigger error message or will appear as empty memory card or even it may get locked too denying the photo access request of the user. Damaged memory card has the only option of recovering the images and videos from the memory card in case if the backup data has not been maintained to get those photos restored. But for the corrupt memory card one needs to fix corruption first. Corrupt memory card while accessed to view images it shows error message as stated below:-

“No Image Found”

Unless the error is fixed the error message keeps appearing over the screen and therefore to fix No image found error one first requires to scan the memory card with the antivirus software if it there on your computer and if the virus file is found then remove it immediately. If still after scanning the file the corruption traces are not removed and the error still there popping up then formatting is the only way to fix no image found error. As formatting the memory card replaces the file structure of the memory card hence while accessing the memory card no such error further appears.

But since format erases the entire photos from memory card therefore one has to restore the photos using backup file. If the backup file has not been maintained and images that were there in the memory card are not saved as backup file then it needs recovery software for recovering back the entire lost images. Photo recovery for Mac OS X lets one retrieve the formatted images from the memory card no matter what file format the image has. Being compatible with the all Mac operating system version one can recover the lost photos from digital camera memory card with easy and step wise photos recovery process featured y this excellent software.

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