Resolve Memory card parameter error!

As the era has getting moved toward the digital one the memory card is being used where the entire photos as well as videos are horded. These memory cards are used to share, view as well as store numerous images in it coming as variant capacity. Digital memory cards with variant types are available in the market including SDHC, SD, XD, MMC, MINI disk, Flash as well.

These memory cards are used in a variety of digital camera and being a sophisticated component of the digital camera it needs to be handled carefully since many a times because of the improper handling of the memory card it turns to generate issue while accessing photos from the memory card and therefore the precious photos that are compiled in the memory card are lost thereby.

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Such error issue is found to be experienced with SDHC memory card wherein the memory card is found to be failed to be read by the digital camera when inserted in it. The error message that turns to be erupted while the SDHC memory card is attempted to be inserted is as below;-

"Memory card error. Memory card parameter error"

Once the error is found to be triggered on the screen the photos inside the memory card are not able to be accessed and therefore it turns it turns to be resolved soon so as to get the entire photos recovered from the memory card.

The reason why such error is got erupted might be concerned with corruption in the file system. So as to resolve the situation one needs to go through the following suggested resolution steps that are mentioned below:-

  • Get clean the memory card surface and then try reinserting it into the digital camera.
  • Access the image files from the memory card by means of connecting it to the computer system via card reader. If possible use another card reader to access the images so that the images could be recovered.
  • If despite using all the effort no images are able to be recovered then you might have to format the memory card.

As after having the memory card formatted no images will be remaining in the memory card thus you need to go for the recovery option so that the image files could be recovered and no loss will have to be experienced as well. Using third party software Photo recovery for Mac you are able to resolve memory card parameter error by means of recovering the photos that are got inaccessible from the memory card. the software is available as easy download online and features user friendly interface module that are quite easy to be handled by most of the user.

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