Restore Photo Booth deleted files

Mac Photo booth is application software being provided by Mac operating system that is designed to organize, capture, import as well as share the photos with the tools provided in this application. The program helps to share the captured photos by means of email or one can also import it to iPhoto as well. Photo both comprises tools using which one can add special effects in photos also.

As this application provides multiple features therefore lots of Mac users are using this application since video or photos captured via this application features excellent photographic effects. But consider a situation when the photos captured with this application gets lost. Such event may occur while user is accessing the photos and by mistake the delete option is clicked. Generally user those are new to photo booth application may suffer such problem and go through such mistakes but at the end, question arises about how to recover the lost photos.


If you are willing to restore photo booth deleted photos and haven’t started the application after the deletion of the photos then you are required to check the following folder to find out deleted photos whether they exist there or not. In case if they are not available in the specified folder then using backup file may help out recovering the deleted photo booth photos back.

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However if user doesn’t maintain any backup file of the deleted photos or no updated backup is available then recovery software is the only way to retrieve the lost photo booth images. One may find lots of recovery program available online but they have drawback as the photos those are recovered are of reduced quality.

Hence in order to restore photo booth deleted images there is a professional photo recovery software available known as photo recovery for Max OS X. This software features user friendly interface so the steps involved are easy and fast and even the images of different file formats such as png, bmp, psd, jpeg, gif, etc are able to be retrieved with this application.

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