Know How to Fix Unable to Read Memory Card Error

Do you get error message while connecting memory card with the digital camera or when the memory card is connected to the PC so as to transfer the images from the memory card to the system hard disk.

“Unable to read memory card”

It denotes the memory card is either turned damaged or is corrupt with fatal virus application and needs to fix the card corruption so as to make the memory card free of the corruption issues. The error stops the photos to be accessed from the memory card and therefore no images are able to be retrieved from there. Computer operating system finds the memory card undetermined and therefore no images from there are able to be read at all.

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The same situation also takes place with the digital camera memory card and therefore the memory card remain undetected. Unless the problem with the memory card is resolved the error keeps taking place. The possible issue with the card that is leading such serious problem encountered with the memory card is as below;-

  • Severe corruption of memory card.
  • Memory card is turned damaged.
  • The format of the memory card is not supported by the digital camera.

Resolving the error requires one to fix the corruption issue encountered with the memory card so that the virus application that has lead the memory card corrupt could be removed. In case of severe corruption encountered in the memory card seems irresolvable then it is better to format the memory card. And then connect it to the system or digital camera in order to find out whether it reads the card or not.

It is sure that after having the memory card formatted, the entire photos will be erased but no worry as the formatted photos are still possible to be retrieved as they are still located inside the memory card and recovery software has the ability to retrieve images back.

If you too are experiencing this unusual error and worried about the photos inside the memory card as the memory card is not being read then go for the photo recovery for Mac OS X recovery software and get the entire images from the memory card recovered with thorough scanning and recovery techniques featured in this recovery software.

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