Unlock memory card Nikon d50 to Get back the lost photo

Nikon being the well known brand name among the famous digital cameras features excellent picture quality along with high zoom facility such that image do not get blurred even if enlarged to high resolution. One of the excellent models that have come in the market is Nikon d50 that possess easy handling enclosure and thus user is able to capture and share images via this digital camera easily.

Nikon d50 being an excellent digital camera model lets one store the collection of photos as the album under the memory card. However sometimes user while accessing the memory card photos experiences memory card error. Such memory card error is always annoying and drops the accessibility of photos from the memory card. Unless the error gets resolved user is not able to access the photos back.

Consider the scenario while you are accessing one of your photos from Nikon d50 camera and suddenly error triggers as “Memory card locked”. No activity at the moment is able to be processed before the error gets fixed. Hence if you want your photos bring back you need to first deal with the error. The possible reason that may be involved to rigger such error may be one of the following:-

  • Opening images from the memory card while the camera battery turned off.
  • Sharing photos from the memory card and suddenly camera switched off.
  • Improperly handling digital camera also result into memory card locked issue.

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How to get rid of memory card locked error?

Resolving the memory card locked error to unlock memory card Nikon d50 it is necessary such that photos from the memory card are not lost. To do so one needs to follow the steps mentioned below:-Turn off the digital camera and eject the memory card and after reinserting it into digital camera turn on the camera and access the photos to find out whether the error gets fixed or not.

If the error still persists then it is recommended to format the memory card and then restore the photo from the backup file that enables you unlock memory card Nikon d50 to get photos back to the memory card. The absence of backup file may trouble you to restore the photo still it is possible to do so with the help of professional photo recovery software that retrieves the entire photos from the memory card that is got formatted. Photos of any file format can be recovered from your memory card such that you are able restore it preventing the data loss situation.

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